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Dr. Nicholas R. White
Dr. Nicholas R. White
updated 8/12/2008

2002 - present          Consultant to ion beam facilities and manufacturers, biotech systems, alternative energy systems,  doing business as Albion Systems (see 1990-93).

2005 - 06       Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Ion Beam Technology Inc. Recruited and set up a Product Development Group at 33 Cherry Hill Drive, Danvers, MA. Developing ribbon beam technology for high current implantation based on four of my patents, US patents 7,057,192, 7,078,713,  7,112,789 and 7,326,941. Four further patent applications have resulted to date. See also the presentation at IIT 2006.

1992 - 2002   Vice President, Technology and Co-Founder, Diamond Semiconductor Group LLC. Won NIST ATP  award in '92. Developed SHC-80, the      world's first serial high-current implanter, for Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc. on which their entire 300mm product range is based. This includes VIISta 80, XP, XPS, 810, and 3000 ion implanters.
                        Developed the MDI-100 flat-panel display implanter under contract to Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Ltd. in 1996/8,
                        Developed production serial implanter reaching energies over 10 MeV, the highest energy commercial ion implanter for production use, for a niche application.

1990 - 93       Consultant to ion beam facilities and manufacturers. Doing business as Albion Systems. Customers included two Asian organizations, two ion implanter manufacturers and two not-for-profit laboratories.

1990 - 91        Chief Scientist, Ibis Technology Corporation, manufacturing SIMOX wafers, improvements under SPC to film uniformity and quality.

1988 - 90        Director of Technology, Applied Materials Implant Division. Architect of PI 9500 implanter beamline.
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1986 - 88        Senior Scientist, Ionex/HEI, later Genus Corporation, developing the ion source and ion optical system for the G1500 High Energy Ion Implanter, incorporating patent 4,980,556.  This product line was sold to Varian in 1999. See above.

1984 - 86       Principal Scientist, Eaton Corporation, Ion Beam Systems Division, Beverly, MA.  Worked on boron sources for high and low energy, wafer charging and flood guns, ion optical designs, and oxygen ion implantation.

1982 - 84       Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Physics Department, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA. Negative ion beam reactions at eV energies.

1976 - 82       Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, Oxford University, England, working in collaboration with the Nuclear Physics Department on the development of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry with sensitivity of 1 in 1016 in accurate measurement of 14C against the 14N and molecular isobaric backgrounds.

Key developments and inventions:

SORCERY and OPTICIAN - computer software for ion beam and ion source design pioneering the use of PCs for this work since 1983.

High-speed 5kV switch for switching isotopes of an element through SIMS equipment for ratio monitoring, 1980.

Method of producing millimeter-sized CVD graphite sputter targets from milligram archaeological samples, 1978.

Inverted Spherical Ionizer Sputter Ion source, used in Accelerator mass spectrometry labs, 1979.

詴e SourceࡠBernas ion source with a repeller, optimized for boron yield, lifetime, and low energy (5 keV) ion beams, 1984.

Combined hot-cathode PIG source and Magnesium Charge-exchange cell to generate negative ions for high-energy implantation, US patent 4,980,556.

Pioneering work in the control of large-scale uniformity in ion beams, leading to US patents 5,350,926, 5,822,172, and 5,834,786, 7,078,713 ,7,112,789 and 7,326,941 for architectures of single-wafer high current ion implanters.

Commercial products to which I made significant contributions:

Eaton NV1-40 implanter - ion source for 2 to 5 keV boron

NV200 Oxygen implanter -  high current beam optics and modeling.

NV10 electron flood gun and control of beam blowup.

General Ionex IX 1500 (now G1500) Negative high current ion source, ion optical design and automation, compact steering quadrupoles.

Applied Materials PI9500: I was the architect of the beamline, the high resolving power optics, the new control system hardware and the beam tuning software algorithms.

Diamond Semiconductor Group.  Invented method of controlling uniformity of broad ribbon beams to < 1%, used on VIISta-80 and MDI-100 implanters. Invented a method of gas-cooling wafers on an electrostatic chuck, used on all VIISta implanters. Architect of tandem-based implanters. Invented method of controlling uniformity of scanned beams.